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CVAnimation's News

Posted by CVAnimation - December 29th, 2015



This has been an incredible year for me, and I couldn't have done it without you guys supporting me by watching my videos, subscribing to my YouTube channelfollowing me on social media and of course, following me on Newgrounds! This entire ordeal I took with CVAnimation this year came at just the right time, meeting the right people and having the right motivation, and that motivation is thanks to your awesome support. Thank you so much!

During this year I managed to get my act together and release 20 animations in total, this includes both CVAnimation work and freelance work.. but since is still on Newgrounds profile, it counts right? :P All the projects I have been involved in this year took a lot of hard work and determination so it is quite satisfying to go from 2-3 animations in a year to 20. It feels like I have taken control over my constant lazyness, haha! While I was working on the Minecraft series before (last episode is in the works!), it really all started when I made an animation earlier this year that things started to pick up, that animation was Donkey Kong Goes Bananas. It was thanks to Yoshi-1up and 1up-Island that I gained the confident to continue making animations in my own personal time and sparked my passion for sprite animations once again!


I also tried many other things this year:

Like mixing live action

Making completly custom sprites

And diving a bit into battle sprite animation



And while I'm not saying all of them were good or bad, I had fun making them and to be honest that's what I can take away from this year. It was really fucking fun!


I will also like thank again Yoshi-1up from 1up-Island for guiding me back into sprite animation, Charles C Bernardo for being an awesome animation partner but most of all an amazing friend, Tom Fulp for being so nice and helpful as well as for featuring my animations on the front page on Newgrounds ( Every time I see that it makes all that hard work worth it! :) Thanks a lot man! ), the awesome voice actors I have been able to work with this year (and hopefully beyond!), my friends and family who have supported me and most of all, each and every single one of you! I know I say this a lot but without your comments and support I woudln't be doing this right now, thank you very much! <3


I got big plans for 2016 and I hope you will all join me along for the ride!
Again, thank you and I'll see you next time, adios! :D


Jetz aka CVAnimation

Posted by CVAnimation - June 28th, 2015



I'm so excited to play Super Mario Maker, Its like Nintendo is actually giving out their own ROM hack tools to play with! I hope you all enjoy my newest animation! :) I find it hilarious that the way this cartoon came to be was by watching the Super Mario World cartoon and thinking to myself "Luigi sure does sound like Doc Brown." and from their it evolve into this! Anyways, have a good week everyone and thanks for all the support! <3

Posted by CVAnimation - June 3rd, 2015



How's everyone enjoying Splatoon lately? If you dont know Splatoon is a new game release by Nintendo last week, and really one of my favorite games released this year so far!

I decided while waiting for Splatoon I would create an animation related to the game, this would mean I would have to make all the sprites from scratch, my most custom made sprites for a pixelated animation to date! Thankfully while it took me a while to make (2 weeks in total) I feel like it turned out pretty well! I guess in a sense this is a way to tell myself that I could make completely custom sprites for animation if I want to! :D

Of course since this is just a hobby at this paticular time, I cant do that very often so things should be simple again by next week... OR WILL THEY?! I actually dont know what im doing yet.. LOL! See ya then!

Posted by CVAnimation - May 19th, 2015



Alright guys so this new cartoon (at least to me) its pretty weird, but whenever I show anyone they say is my best one yet, I guess all I can say is for you guys be the judge! XD Hope you enjoy it!

The next one coming up its my most ambitious one yet cause every sprite in it is custom made by myself, so wish me luck! :D

Posted by CVAnimation - May 1st, 2015



Honestly, I'm really proud of this one. I really don't have much to say about it other than that... I hope you all like it! XD

Posted by CVAnimation - April 16th, 2015



Another 2 weeks pass by, another new sprite animation. This time a spiritual sequel to Wood Man Is Incredible! I'm starting to get ideas for sprite animation stacked up including an animation completly full of custom sprites... More details on that soon.. Enjoy the cartoon! <3


Posted by CVAnimation - March 29th, 2015

Thank you everyone! <3 Love you all! :]

Posted by CVAnimation - March 29th, 2015

Something different this time around! Metal Gear parody with a live-action bit in it, hopefully you guys like it! I know it might be weird to see live-action bits on a Newgrounds video, but I wanted to really see what people thought of something like this.



I hope the whole thing with Kojima leaving is not true as a Metal Gear fan, but as a Kojima fan, I hope is true. Does that make sense? I want to see Kojima try out new things away from Metal Gear but I also feel for the future of our beloved Solid Snake. Either way it made for an interesting video to make.

Here's a bit that not many people will get, but the speech at the end was taken from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake when you fight Big Boss. The speech felt perfect to what's going on right now with Kojima and Konami that it inspired us to make the parody.

Thank you for all the support! I have never felt this energized about working in a long time, is all thanks to all of you! <3

Posted by CVAnimation - March 18th, 2015

Thank you everyone for all the support I have gotten from my latest work so far. While I am still working on the Minecraft episodes, I'm glad you are enjoying these solo projects I am doing that bring back the spirit of sprite animations from back in the day! :)




Posted by CVAnimation - February 14th, 2015

After being on the fence on my sprite animation work, whenever I should make more or not. I decided to give it a go once again! This all happens when I ask 1up Island's Yoshi-1up (yoshi-1up.newgrounds.com) if I could get all the video material for 1up Island videos so that I can help promote the site, there was no reason behind it. I just felt like helping a brother out with expanding. I was surprise when he just straight out asked me if I wanted to join 1up Island.



At that point I decided, why not? What I quickly realize is that the guys at 1up Island, they are some dedicated fellows! Even during a time where, as far as I know, Sprite Animations are not allowed on the front page of Newgrounds, Mattew Morandi was still working on animations, Folders and folders filled with .FLA files. It got me really motivated to make a sprite animation again, to not care if people watch it or not, and just make them to have fun! And thus this new cartoon was born out of that.

This all happened in the span of 48 hours, including making this animation and posting it. I feel energized after making a sprite animation and still being able to finish a video in the span of a single day. I'm excited for the future! I will still be making drawn animations (in fact im working on two right now) but I will also try and continue making sprite animations more regularly.

As a last note, thanks Tom Fulp for following me today! Please make it so that sprite animations can be on the front page. It might not take as long as drawn animation to make... but they can still be enjoyable to watch after all these years! :)

EDIT: Thankyou Tom for putting my sprite animation on the front page! :D I have absolutely no words to describe how happy I am. Thank you! <3